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Our Archery Tag Social on 4/28

Our Archery Tag Social on 4/28

It brings people together and CREATES SHARED EXPERIENCES. 

Archery Tag is a team sport; it's not meant for an individual to play with a wall. You can play with strangers or with your friends, it's fun regardless because you get to interact with people. THIS IS THE KEY POINT. Humans are intrinsically wired to enjoy interaction with others because we're hard-wired to be social creatures :) Kinda difficult to be anti-social in a team game, so you'll likely find yourself socializing.

Archery Tag in itself is fun but more importantly, we perceive it as fun because of a 'social dance' we engage with another person. Sure, exchanging flying arrows may not be perceived as the most pleasant dance but it's a hell of an exciting dance. THIS IS ANOTHER IMPORTANT POINT. Humans have fun when they're with other people AND when they're simultaneously doing something exciting with others. If you're into having fun and strengthening your relations, check out our Archery Tag Rental, or if you're an extrovert or just inclined to meet new people, come to our socials.

Archery Tag Invokes Competition

People get competitive when they play Combat Archery, another fancy way of saying Archery Tag.  It just happens. I guess we have a primal instinct to win, win, win. So do you. You are primed to win, to kick everyone's ass even mine. This often makes the games more intense which encourage people to put more effort, and effort in any activity makes the activity interesting, even writing a loooooooooong piece of code :)

When you start to elicit maximum effort, you'll start to move like a Ninja. Dodging arrows with reflexes that haven't come out in years, shooting like you're Katness from Hunger Games, running as if a dinosaur is behind you, and best of all, you'll boost your esteem by thinking "damn, I did all of that.. maybe I don't need exercise after all." Just one suggestion, you should still exercise because of the positive benefits that you can reap - enhanced cognition, combats depression by stabilizing your mood, reduced cortisol, and an aesthetic body which never hurts. Exercise through Archery Tag :)

Mechanism of Archery is Inherently Fun

The whole process of Archery Tag is fun. There's something intrinsically fun about reenacting our ancestor's way of hunting and fighting in a friendly way. And here's my hypothesis. It's always fun to do something that's perceived as dangerous when the risk of injury or injuring someone is low. Why? Human Nature! 
We're wired to be adventurous, curious but we rarely try dangerous things because we're conditioned to avoid risky behavior, so we have this pent up curiosity about what it would feel like to engage in that dangerous activity like flinging a arrow at someone.

When a perceived dangerous situation becomes manipulated and the risk of danger gets significantly reduced, people try it and after perceive it as fun. Why? Because they satisfied their curiosity and survived. The reason why extreme sports are fun is the same, such as Archery Tag and Riding a Roller Coaster. Our minds perceive being up 80ft off the ground as dangerous so we don't do it, i mean we really can't through organic means. BUT, a roller coaster allows us to do so and it provides maximum security from falling so we get on. When we get off, we intrinsically perceive it as fun, not because of the G-force but because we satisfied our curiosity and survived. Some people who REALLY LIKED the feeling of g-force become the source of revenue for Six flags and perceive roller coasters as fun because they get to feel out of themselves. (I was talking about the first encounter with a rollercoaster, just to clear the ambiguity :) 


Gameplay is Constantly Different

Last thing, humans DO NOT like repetition. No wonder why so many people are depressed -> they go to work, turn on netflix, and repeat for 20+ years. People thrive when their external environment changes because they get to experience something new. So, the takeaway is - WE THRIVE on NEW EXPERIENCES.

In Archery Tag, the gameplay changes in order to ensure a different experience in every round. Team Deathmatch, Zombies vs Humans, League Style vs Life Points, Attack and Defend, Conquest, Free For All, the Archer's Capture the Flag, and we're going to create more to have enough games to fill up a whole post with just the name of games :) 

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