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Archery Tag is a team game similar to Paintball but with Archery Gear and without the pain and mess. Our foam-tip arrows make it safe to use and doesn't leave bruises like paintballs, our bows are heavy duty to shoot an arrow at high velocity. 

Here's a general description of how Archery tag is played: 

You'll walk into the Archery Tag Arena that'll have Bubble balls and Inflatable Objects strategically set up on each side. Grab a bow, and quiver then find a bunker for cover. At the sound of the whistle, grab as many arrows at the middle, load your bow, and tag the nearest person with your Archery Tag Equipment. 

Archery Tag requires strategy and teamwork. Perfect for Team Building. 

 Our Archery Tag Equipment is of quality because quality equipment ensures functionality. 

Our Archery Tag Games  

Team Deathmatch - Each player from a team has 3 lives. Members of each team must tag the members of the opposing team until no man stands.  

Medic - Team Deathmatch but with a twist, a medic exists. Each player has 1 life but the medic can go around and revive players. 

Last Man Standing - Fancy way of saying, FREE FOR ALL!

Capture the Flag-  Capture the Flag and Archery Tag rules with a twist - players defending their flag can use their arrows as spears against opposing team members who are on their side of the field. First team to get 3 out of 5 flags wins the round. 

Zombies vs Humans - 1:1 Ratio, Humans to Zombies. Humans have to survive for 10 minutes and have bows but limited arrows. Zombies must tag Humans and convert them into Zombies.  


Archery Tag Rental

1 hour of Archery Tag

$150 - 8 Recurve Bows
(Accommodates 8 Players)

$250 - 14 Recurve Bows
(Accommodates 14 Players)

$299 - 20 Recurve Bows
(Accommodates 20 Players)

2 Hours of Archery Tag

$250 - 8 Recurve Bows
(Accommodates 8-16 Players)

$375 - 14 Recurve Bows
(Accommodates 14-28 Players)

$499 - 20 Recurve Bows
(Accommodates 20-40 Players)

3 Hours oF Archery Tag

$325 - 8 Recurve Bows
(Accommodates 8-24 Players)

$525 - 14 Recurve Bows
(Accommodates 14-42 Players)

$650 - 20 Recurve Bows
(Accommodates 20-60 Players)


Archery Tag Equipment

Recurve Bows

Foam-Tipped Arrows

Inflatable Objects


Target Boards

Quivers and Team Belts

Our Service to you

Free Setup

Free Breakdown

Free Delivery up to 15 miles of 90019

1-2 Event Coordinators

Bose Bluetooth Speaker

Polaroid Photo of your Event 




Q: Do we need archery experience beforehand?

No. At the start of the event, we'll provide proper training on form and posture and we'll have a few minutes of target practice to get you comfortable with using our bows. 

Q: Does it hurt?

The foam tip of our arrows greatly decreases the amount of force from the impact of an arrow. You may feel a slight sting after being hit, but it won't leave anything like a bruise. 

Q: What's the age requirement?

We require you and your family and friends to be at least 12 or taller than 5 feet. If you'll have participants that don't fit the requirements, then we suggest Nerf War as that's suitable for all heights and ages.

Q: What's a good place for our event?

Anywhere with a lot of space is ideal for arrow tag. also the location of your event must allow the use of inflatables. Here is a list of locations that do not allow inflatables.

Q: Will you go over rules and safety protocols? 

Safety is our top priority. We'll go over rules, what to do, what not to do, and how to safely handle our bows and arrows in order to prevent any injuries and to provide maximum fun. 

Q: What's the draw length of our bows and how far can they shoot our arrows?

Our arrows can cover 50+ feet in distance and draw weight is 15lb to 25lb.

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