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Studio city

is one of Los Angeles’ most fun-filled cities located just north from Hollywood and right next to Griffith Park. This is the perfect place to go and check out some of the many wonders of L.A.. Take some time to go to Griffith Observatory, Universal City Overlook, and Muholland Overlook to appreciate the beautiful landscape of Los Angeles and go there at night to capture a scenic view of Los Angeles. Not only is it the perfect place to go to to truly take in the gorgeous view of Los Angeles, Studio City is also right by Universal Studios, a fun-filled theme park full of movie-centered rides and activities. If you prefer a more low-key but still thrilling activity, check out the multiple Virtual Reality Centers and Arcades located all around Studio City. They even have Escape Rooms that you can complete in virtual reality — how sick is that!

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Take a tour of the famous Universal City by going on the Universal CityWalk, located right next to Studio City! But why walk when you can rent out one of our Phat Scooters? It’s an electric bike and scooter hybrid that we deliver to you so you and your friends can be ready to use them. You can join one of our tour guides to take you around Universal City, Muholland Drive, or somewhere else — just pick from our variety of fun and unique Los Angeles tours! You can even create your own personal tour route if you have a few places you want to check out. With the convenience of driving around and parking almost anywhere, cruising with our Phat Scooters is the best way to sightsee Los Angeles, hands down. It beats sightseeing from inside a bus, it's engaging, it's interactive, and you don't have to deal witn the horrendous traffic that Los Angeles is known for. With many activities located less than a mile away from each other, it’s pointless to sit in traffic to get to place to place, and no one wants to walk that distance either! Take the scooters around Studio City and check out the various places to eat and maybe even check out the Virtual Reality games. Stand them up when you need to make a stop, and ride away with your squad when the night is done! 

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Activities and Parties in Studio City

In addition to touring the city, AirballingLA is the provider of many other adventurous and eventful activities! Studio City not only has touristy and thrilling places to visit, it also is home to some of the most well-kept and spacious parks. Let us help you plan the perfect party or team-building activity by setting up a Battle Royale inspired by our Fortnite Party for you and your peers. We’ll set up our various equipment inspired from the video game to help you and your group act out and participate in a friendly competition! Or if you prefer an activity that targets a specific skill set, we have Archery Tag and Nerf Wars! And if you'd prefer your whole group to get silly, we have Zorbing in our Human Hamster Balls. In proximity to Studio City, South Weddington Park is a prime location with a huge grass field, a perfect place for one of our parties!

South Weddington Park

South Weddington Park



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We are also the premier provider of the best Bubble Soccer games in all of Los Angeles! This team sport is perfect when you have large groups of people who are ready to suit up in our Bubble Ball and kick around our inflatable 6 foot soccer ball — it's so much fun to bump others, but surprisingly enjoyable to get bumped as well! Visit the Studio City Recreation Center if you want to enjoy either an outdoor match of Bubble Soccer, or within a confined place such as the baseball field or indoor center.

Studio City is great for those raising a family or for those who are about to enter the professional realm because of it’s variety of attractions, restaurants, family entertainment venues, and urban and suburban vibe. There’s really only one thing that they’re lacking: a service that provides unique parties that conveniently to you. For that, we have you covered.