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Best Bubble Soccer in Los Angeles

bubble Soccer 

what is bubble Soccer

Bubble Soccer is full contact soccer without the dangers of full contact sports such as football, given that players adhere to our instructions.
You'll wear a huge bubble hamster ball that'll cover all of your upper body including your head, and use it to smack players out of your way while you guide a soccer ball to your goal. The bubble ball takes all the shock from impact so you don't have to worry about hurting others. Interestingly, being bumped invokes uncontrollable laughter so it's actually fun to get knocked off your feet.  

Airball Soccer at Cheviot Hills Park in Culver City, Los Angeles

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airball soccer

what is airball Soccer

Replace the conventional soccer ball in Bubble Soccer with an inflated soccer ball that can blow up to 6 feet and you have Airball Soccer. Airball Soccer puts a twist on Bubble Soccer because the Airball can switch the gameplay from soccer to volleyball.


RATES FOR Bubble Soccer and Airball Soccer


Accommodates up to 20 people
2 Goals + 2 Additional Games
Free setup and break down
Guaranteed to start on time

  • $225 for 1 Hour
  • $325 for 2 Hours
  • $400 for 3 Hours
  • $50 to include Airball Soccer


Accommodates up to 40 people
4 Goals + 4 Additional Games
Free setup and break down.
Guaranteed to start on time.

  • $300 for 1 Hour
  • $425 for 2 Hours
  • $500 for 3 Hours
  • $50 to include Airball Soccer

With Bubble Balls, You can PLAy all sorts of other GAMES (SOME EVEN ARGUED TO BE BETTER): 

  • Gladiator - Team team has 1 special person. To win, knock down the opponent's special person first.
  • Last Man Standing - First team to tackle all the other opponents win. 
  • 3vs3vs3/4vs4vs4vs4 Bubble Soccer
  • Free For All
  • Human Bowling


Q: Can anyone play Airball and Bubble soccer?

Anyone can play although we highly recommend kids who are 7+ and adults without a history of heart attacks.

Q: Are there different sized Airballs?

We have 2 sizes. Our 4ft diameter balls accommodates individuals under 5ft and our 5ft diameter ball accommodates individuals over 5ft.

Q: Where is a good place for my event?

Most parks in Los Angeles County allow Airball and Bubble Soccer. There are some exceptions.
Here is a list of those parks. 

Q: What Bubble Soccer Equipment do AirballingLA provide?

We provide Airballs, a 3ft/6ft Soccer Balls, Normal Soccer Ball, Goals, a Trained Referee, Cones, and even polaroid photos of your event.

Q: Is Set-up/Break-down included in our time?

We set up and break down during our own time. We arrive an hour early to make sure we're prepared by the time of your event. We guarantee to start on time.  

Q: Are there additional games?

We host several other games: Gladiator, which resembles Capture-the-Flag, Last Man Standing, Free-for-all and Sumo Ring.

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