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Looking for the Best Exercise? Try Archery Tag


Archery Tag is the best exercise because it doesn't feel like exercise when you play. You get so consumed in the game that you don't realize that you're extensively running around to chase players and get a good shot, pick up arrows to re-load, run after the flag to get a point,. Without knowing it, an hour goes by where you got a solid workout. Exercising without knowing it is the best way to exercise, isn't it? 

Archery Tag First Person POV

Archery Tag First Person POV

A game that brings together the best features of paintball, capture the flag, and dodgeball. 

It's nothing but fun with this game and exactly why it's becoming a big hit in Los Angeles. What's not to love about capturing the flag with bows and arrows, and throwing arrows as spears at opponents who run over to your side of the field? Even the possibility of being hit by an arrow makes it fun. You don't want to get hit, so you'll play like you're in real combat even though the impact from the bows do not hurt THAT much. It's a hit for birthday, private events, and team-building events and luckily if you're a resident of Los Angeles County, Archery Tag Rental in Los Angeles is available. 


Archery Tag and Competition

Competition often makes exercise more fun. Seriously, would you play basketball by yourself, another friend, or three other friends? The more the merrier, right? And, why? Because more people engaged in the same sport fosters an innate competitive spirit that draws players to give 100% effort, which makes the sport fun when everyone is focused on winning. The best part? You're getting in a moderate intense aerobic workout with the chasing, crazy dodging, and base-protecting.  This is such a great idea that it be a part of an exercise motivational class that shows people how to take the work out of 'working out'. 

Archery Tag First Person POV

Archery Tag First Person POV

Archery Tag Revitalizes your Youthful Spirit. 

Sometimes, but definitely not rare, you'll see older people jump around and sprint from one side of the field to another. Sometimes they'll even bounce around, literally because we have bouncy bubble balls that players can get inside and move/bounce during the game. Not the best way to defend yourself, but sometimes the pursuit of fun is stronger than the pursuit of competition, anyway. People tend to stay on their feet, and act wild. They'll laugh uncontrollably after successfully tagging someone, laugh uncontrollably when they themselves get hit once they realize that it doesn't hurt as expected, and smile all throughout the game. 

This sounds great and all, and better, it is.
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Archery Tag First Person Point of View made Ryan Hempell with Archery Games Ottawa.

rchery Tag Player First Person POV Video