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Introducing Airball Soccer to Los Angeles

What is airball soccer?

Airball Soccer is a unique activity, truly.

It causes passersby to become observers, turns kids uncontrollably curious, and turns a player into a young soul again. 

And why does it do this, you may ask?

Because it's an activity with unconventional equipment such as a 6 feet in diameter soccer ball (which, we refer to as Aired Soccer ball) that has an unconventional approach - bump opposing players out of your way. 

You see, players wear a big bubble armor called an Airball and are placed in a team. Their objective is to move an Aired Soccer Ball to their goal; however they're obstructed by an opposing force with the same objective. It's like tug of war, just replace the rope with a 6 foot Soccer Ball. 
Tug of war gets exhausting, yes? Now, imagine tug of war with a big suit on; yes, very exhausting. That's why players play smart by first, bumping their opponents to the ground to leave them useless until they get back on their feet. 

Bumping opponents, bumping friends, friends rolling and shouting "HOW DO I GET UP"  (unfortunately, this part is short-lived), uncontrollable laughing are all part of the game. 

We provide Bubble Soccer rental in Los Angeles and host public Bubble Soccer events that are structured like a tournament. Also, we provide casual games for people who just want to try out this stimulating sport. 

Hi Los Angeles, AirballingLA has arrived.  

Airball Soccer at play in Los Angeles 

Airball Soccer at play in Los Angeles 

Airball Soccer in Los Angeles 

Airball Soccer in Los Angeles 

So you want more info about Airball Soccer? 
Here's all the information you need to know about Airball and Bubble Soccer.