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Archery Tag turns people into Navy Seals.

Navy Seals are awesome - they're the most elite force in America and secretly, everyone wants to be like those tough badasses. Why?
Because they have attributes that we want in ourselves - bravery, discipline, and mental toughness just to name a few. 

So here's the grand question that's going on your head - Really, how can Archery Tag turn you into a Navy Seal? Glad you asked. :) But before you move on, make sure you know everything about Archery Tag to truly understand the rest of this article. 

Archery Tag turns you into a Navy Seal by changing your mind to think and behave like a Navy Seal. 

Archery Tag makes you step outside of your Comfort Zone.

When you're playing Archery Tag, you have to follow an absolute rule of Navy Seals- step outside of your comfort zone.  You and I both know that the majority of babies aren't born as badasses, unless you met a real Boss Baby . Let me know if you did, anyway. These babies turn into badasses as they age because they force themselves to do things that are uncomfortable for the sake of reaching their goal. That means Navy Seals became Seals because they built the mentality of doing whatever it takes to reach their goal. To be a Navy Seal, you too must step outside of your comfort zone, and Arrow Tag will require you to do so because you'll realize there's no way you'll win by hiding behind a shield. Sooner or later, you'll swallow a gulp of salvia and run towards your opponent to tag them in the midst of incoming arrows.  

You start to move with speed and produce quick reflex

Navy Seals are agile and have quick reflexes. You might think that you're not agile and lack quick reflexes, so you can't be a Navy Seal. It's fair to think that you're not agile especially if you work a corporate job. But that's a perceived limitation - when your mind tells your body to produce agile movements, your body obeys. Just think about the quick reflex of your arm to prevent your passenger from flying out the car when you step hard on your breaks. You can move quickly and you'll either see those quick reflexes come out or you'll sit down after the first 20 seconds of the game every time. The human mind is an amazing thing. It'll tell you that sitting down after 20 seconds is the last thing you want so it'll cause your body to produce fast, explosive movements to prevent being tag in a matter of seconds. You'll start to produce explosive movements and move just like a Seal. Just like Navy Seals, you won't think about "I can't do this"; you'll do whatever it takes to stay alive. 

You incorporate teamwork 

The deadliest weapon a Navy Seal has is their ability to work together with other Seals. When two Seals work together, they get much more done than if they both worked alone towards the same goal. Teamwork is essential to them, and their competence in teamwork makes them one of the most revered forces in the world. A Navy Seal don't move as an individual, they move as a part of a strong group. You'll see that teamwork is essential in Archery Tag. You'll practice teamwork and begin to move as a constituent of a group because you'll see that individualistic efforts will get you nowhere but tagged and will decrease your team's chance of winning. To win, each member has to move as a part of a group just like a Navy Seal. 

Play Archery Tag, become a Navy Seal for a moment in your life. Get into that zone where you step outside your comfort zone, move quickly, and function as a team player. If you like to think and act in this way, start doing push ups/ pull ups/ and mile runs to become a Navy Seal for life.

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