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Extreme Nerf War

  • AirballingLA 1351 Academy Road Los Angeles, CA, 90012 United States (map)

Nerf Meets Call of Duty

Time: 12:30-3:00P.M
LocationElysian Park
Early Bird Cost: $10
Normal Price: $15 starting 5/21/18


We’ll bring out Nerf’s newest blasters called Nerf Rivals which shoot round ammo at 70 miles per hour. (We'll bring out 4 Different Nerf Rival Models :)

(They emulate Paintball Blasters without the mess and pain) 
And you might be thinking, NO PAIN???, 70 miles per hour is pretty darn fast, and before you decide that this isn’t for you just read this last sentence before you finalize your decision:

Our ammo is made of soft foam so impact doesn’t hurt, which is why we’ll emphasize headshots headSHOTS HEADSHOTS. Our ammo is also labelled as HEADSHOT to cue - HEADSHOTS.

Seriously, it doesn’t hurt unless you blast a person less than a feet away.
(and don’t do that.. just ask them to perform the surrender dance, and we’ll go over this ridiculous dance at the event, so ridiculous you just might prefer being shot.)

We’ll bring out 20 Nerf Rival Blasters and Ample Ammo so that we don’t run out during the event because no matter how awesome the blasters are, they’re useless without ammo, yafeel? So ample ammo, high velocity blasters, competition, and active fun.

Our Primary Game:

  • Cops and Robbers (10 versus 10)
    Cops will have a team of 10 and Robbers will have a team of 10. The Robbers’ objective is to obtain an object located on the cop’s side of the field while the cops’ objective is to blast robbers before they can reach their objective. 

Secondary Games:

  • Capture the Flag [Nerf Style] (10 versus 10)
    We’ll go over the rules at the event)

  • Team Deathmatch (5 versus 5 versus 5 versus 5) [Headshots only]

Conditions of AirballingLA's Social:

We take photos and upload them on our Website and Social Media Platforms.


By signing up or attending this event, you and your guests or minors (if applicable) accept that this activity can be dangerous and fully assume all risks associated with such participation, including travel to and from the event. You agree to be responsible for your own safety; and realize that conditions, obstacles, and weather, are always changing. You and your successors agree to hold all Organizers, AirballingLA, and other members harmless in the event of damage, injury or death.

Secure your spot at your Nerf War Social.

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