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Goodminton - The World's Easiest Racquet Game


Goodminton - The World's Easiest Racquet Game


- Simple, easy, and really fun!

- The birdies slow as they spin to make hitting them and controlling them a breeze

- Safe for indoors, don’t worry about breaking furniture

- Instantly fun for all ages and skillsets

- Contains 2 Paddles and 4 Birdies (2 Slow and 2 Fast) in a Reusable Mesh Bag

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We all know that anyone too easy can't be too fun, but that's not true with Goodminton! Goodminton is the fun exception!

You can play outdoors or indoors without worrying about breaking anything thanks to the specially designed birdies. Every birdy features angled feathers which make your hits fly straight and at a nice consistent speed no matter how hard you hit it.

Each set of Goodminton includes two wooden paddles, two fast birdies, and two slow birdies.