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Chalk Bombs

Purple Chalk Bomb | Unique Gift
Chalk Bomb Packaging | Unique Gifts
Purple Chalk Bomb | Unique Gift
Chalk Bomb Packaging | Unique Gifts

Chalk Bombs

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Throw a color party with chalk bombs that release vibrant dust with each throw.

What are Chalk Bombs?

Chalk Bombs are reusable playful toys that leave a flood of color upon impact. Use them during extreme activities such as Color War: where teams throw Chalk Bombs to paint their opponents another shade. The dust bombs leave imprints on participants’ clothing, making it easy to know if you’ve hit your target.


  • Pack of 3 Chalk Bombs

  • Made with fabric

  • 200+ throws of chalk

  • Non-toxic

  • Washable

Color Bombs are a great choice for those who seek extreme entertainment for every age. When you see an exploding Chalk Bomb in person, you’ll be nothing short of amazed. The non-toxic chalk dust in a Chalk Bomb is very dense, thus, making it last incredibly long, and looking infinitely cool.


  • Get them wet

  • Throw it at a person’s eyes or mouth

Host your own Color War with our ultimate Chalk Bombs!

Ideal for Chalk War and Novel Play with Friends and Family.