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Capture the Flag REDUX: a Glow-in-the-Dark Outdoor Game for Groups


Capture the Flag REDUX: a Glow-in-the-Dark Outdoor Game for Groups


- Play Capture the Flag in the dark with colorful lights to see your opponents. Kit comes with 25 light-up game pieces and instructions for twelve different ways to play!

- For ages 8 and up between 4 and 20 players. Designed so that all ages can play together. Kids all the way to adults will all all have fun.

- Enjoy an exciting night activity without screens. Leave the TVs, computers, and tablets behind while you enjoy the outside world with running, hiding, and chasing with Capture the Flag Redux.

- Playable anywhere with space to run. Whether it’s a park, a gym, youth organizations, leadership retreats, corporate retreats, sleepaway camps, summer camps, or even a family re-union. All you need is people and space.

- If you're looking for a game for parties or a fun activity without the pain of paintball, the hit or miss of laser-tag, then you’ll love Capture the Flag Redux.

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Capture the flag has never gone out of style, especially now with glow in the dark lights! Each kit includes 25 battery-powered, reusable lights that transform any fields into an arena and players into glowing competitive teams. You'll also find lit jail lights and flags in the form of glowing crystals to capture.

And you aren't limited to just one game. The glowing lights are designed to be played with over ten exciting game options such as Ghosts in the Graveyard or Fugitive and Ninja. The illustrated playing cards included in each set serve as instructions to show how to play each variation in simple steps that anyone 8 and above can figure out on the fly.

No one will complain about being off the couch because they'll be too busy having fun. Get ready to go outside and have fun.

So the next time you're looking for outdoor games or simply a fun and exciting group activity, bring this along. Capture the Flag Redux game is perfect for almost any event, including birthdays, camping, beach trips, and even extended vacations.