Nerf Gun Party, Bubble Soccer, Archery Tag, Zorbing, Fortnite Party, and Phat Scooter Rental


Nerf Gun Party in Los Angeles
Birthday Party 6/16/18

nerf Gun Party at Venice Beach
birthday party 6/9/18

Cindy's Nerf Gun Party. Cindy and her son poses with our new nerf guns. After playing with our Nerf Games and hosting an exciting Nerf Gun Birthday Party, birthday boy walked home with a huge grin on his face.

Archery Tag at Elysian Park
team building 5/30/18

Nerf gun Party in Los Angeles
birthday Party 5/27/18

Archery Tag at Elysian Park
private party 5/26/18

Nerf Gun party and Archery Tag in Los Angeles
Team Building 5/25/18

Nerf Gun Party in Los Angeles
Birthday Party 5/20/18

Bubble soccer in Cheviot Hills Park
Team Building 5/18/18

archery tag in Cheviot Hills park
team Building 5/8/18

Bubble Soccer in Elysian Park
Private Party 5/2/18

Bubble Soccer in Venice Beach
private Party 4/21/18

nerf War in rancho cucamonga
private Party 4/15/18

Bubble Soccer and Nerf War in the valley
PRivate Party 4/14/18

Bubble Soccer in SAnta Monica
Team building 4/11/18

Bubble Soccer Event in Santa Monica. Client got what she wanted. A crazy fun team building event.

Bubble Soccer with Versafit
Corporate event 3/31/18

Bubble Soccer in South Gate Park
Private Party 3/24/18

Bubble Soccer in Venice Beach
private party 2/17/18

Bubble Soccer in Venice Beach
private party 12/30/17

Bubble Soccer in Oakwood park
private party 12/17/17


Nerf war at elysian park

Nerf Gun Party at Elysian Park. We hosted a Nerf Gun Party with the residents of Los Angeles to promote physical exercise, fun, and socialization. We figure the best way to promote physical wellness is by connecting people together and providing a stimulative activity they can engage in to share a novel experience with one another in order to easily break the ice.

Hunger Games in Real Life at Cheviot Hills

archery Tag In Westwood Park

Archery Tag Social in Beverly Hills

Bubble Soccer in Franklin park

Bubble Soccer in CHEVIOT park