Archery Tag, Bubble Soccer, and Nerf Gun Party Rental in Los Angeles.

 Archery tag


Archery Tag is a 5vs5 Team game similar to Paintball but with bows and arrows. In essence, you'll get a bow, protective gear, and foam tipped arrows to tag other players before they get you. 

Here's a general description of how Archery tag is played: 

You'll walk into the Archery Tag Arena that'll have 4 Bubble balls strategically set up on each side. Grab a bow and stand at your respective side of the field; you'll stand on the side with the Bubble Balls that are the same color as your arrows. The sound of a whistle will go off to signal the start of the game. You'll run towards the middle to grab your respective set of arrows along with everyone else; the player who hustles the fastest for their arrows will have the advantage (tip: don't give your opponents the advantage, hustle harder to grab the arrows first)

You'll feel like a warrior when you attempt to tag your opponents, you'll perform dance moves when you dodge incoming arrows (truly, most dodge movements look like they belong in a choreography piece),  and you'll find yourself rolling your bubble ball to use it as a moving shield while you advance towards the enemy's side of the field. Feeling like a warrior and unintentionally dancing may be okay, but why would you want to advance towards the side where arrows are flying at you??  Because, you'll need to grab your colored arrows after you use all that's in your arsenal, and your designated arrows sure won't be on your side of the field. 

Archery Tag requires strategy and unconventional use of shields and bows (in our age). I mean, have you ever used a shield that can move and not just that, roll? Have you ever used a bow to target someone? Archery which was once limited to ranges is now available as a creative team sport. Try this extreme activity with us. We're sure to provide you your next fun event. 

 Our Archery Tag Equipment is of quality because quality equipment ensures functionality. 


Last Man Standing - Each team must tag all the members of the opposing team; all it takes to get out is just 1 hit from the opposing team, so move with stealth. Or, teams could also knock out 5 targets engraved into a target board. The team with the last PLAYER(S) standing or the team that successfully knocks down all 5 targets wins. 

Capture the Flag- One member from each team will have a runner who's purpose is to run to the enemy's side of the field to capture their flag. Once they capture the flag, the runner must run back to their side of the field and plant the captured flag at a designated location. Runners do not carry bows/and arrows and can move around 1 designated ball to use as a shield. Other players with bows and arrows must protect the runner. The opposing team must attempt to shoot down the runner before they capture the flag.

Free for All- 10 players stand on the far end of the field. At the sound of a whistle, they must grab a bubble shield, bow, and arrows which are all placed in the middle, and they must hustle because there are only 9 Bubble Shields, 9 Bows, and Arrows. . Throughout the game, one player will be void of equipment and it will be his job to grab the equipment from an opponent after they are tagged. Players can move their Bubble Shields during this game.

If you have any ideas for a game, we're always look to add new ideas.
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Archery Tag Rental

1 hour of Archery Tag

Price: $250
Equipment: 10 Bows +50 Arrows + 6 Airballs + 10 Protective Gear + 2 Target Boards
Accommodates: 10-20 Players

2 Hours of Archery Tag

Price: $400
Equipment: 12 Bows + 60 Arrows + 6 Airballs + 12 Protective Gear + 2 Target Boards
Accommodates:  12-36 Players

3 Hours oF Archery Tag

Price: $500
Equipment: 20 Bows + 100 Arrows + 6 Airballs + 12 Protective Gear + 2 Target Boards
Accommodates: 20-100 Players



Q: Do we need archery experience beforehand?

No. At the start of the event, we'll provide proper training on form and posture and we'll have a few minutes of target practice to get you comfortable with using our bows. 

Q: Does it hurt?

The foam tip of our arrows greatly decreases the amount of force from the impact of an arrow. You may feel a slight sting after being hit, but it won't leave anything like a bruise. 

Q: What's the age requirement?

We require you and your family and friends to be at least 12 or taller than 5 feet. If you'll have participants that don't fit the requirements, then we suggest Nerf War as that's suitable for all heights and ages.

Q: What's a good place for our event?

Anywhere with a lot of space is ideal for arrow tag. also the location of your event must allow the use of inflatables. Here is a list of locations that do not allow inflatables.

Q: Will you go over rules and safety protocols? 

Safety is our top priority. We'll go over rules, what to do, what not to do, and how to safely handle our bows and arrows in order to prevent any injuries and to provide maximum fun. 

Q: What's the draw length of our bows and how far can they shoot our arrows?

Our arrows can cover 50+ feet in distance and draw weight is 15lb to 25lb.

Bubble Soccer

bubble Soccer 

what is bubble Soccer

Bubble Soccer is full contact soccer without the dangers of full contact sports such as football, given that players adhere to our instructions. Seriously, you have a huge bubble armor that covers all of your upper body including your head and protects your body when you get bumped.
Learning to fall maximizes fun; you can utilize the other person's force to perform multiple consecutive backflips and other tricks all during the game of soccer. 

Airball Soccer at Cheviot Hills Park in Culver City, Los Angeles

airball soccer

what is airball Soccer

Replace the conventional soccer ball in Bubble Soccer with an inflated soccer ball that can blow up to 6 feet and you have Airball Soccer. Airball Soccer puts a twist on Bubble Soccer; because the balls are bouncier than normal soccer balls, they bounce high and switches the game to a brief volleyball session.

We currently use 2 variation of inflated soccer balls. We plan to bring in more.

  • 6ft in diameter Soccer Ball
  • 3ft in diameter Soccer Ball


RATES FOR Bubble Soccer and Airball Soccer


Accommodates up to 20 people
2 Goals + 2 Additional Games
Free setup and break down
Guaranteed to start on time

  • $250 for 1 Hour
  • $400 for 2 Hours
  • $500 for 3 Hours
  • $50 to include Airball Soccer


Accommodates up to 40 people
4 Goals + 4 Additional Games
Free setup and break down.
Guaranteed to start on time.

  • $350 for 1 Hour
  • $600 for 2 Hours
  • $775 for 3 Hours
  • $50 to include Airball Soccer

With Bubble Balls, You can PLAy all sorts of other GAMES (SOME EVEN ARGUED TO BE BETTER): 

  • Gladiator - Team team has 1 special person. To win, knock down the opponent's special person first.
  • Last Man Standing - First team to tackle all the other opponents win. 
  • 3vs3vs3/4vs4vs4vs4 Bubble Soccer
  • Free For All
  • Human Bowling


Q: Can anyone play Airball and Bubble soccer?

Anyone can play although we highly recommend kids who are 7+ and adults without a history of heart attacks.

Q: Are there different sized Airballs?

We have 2 sizes. Our 4ft diameter balls accommodates individuals under 5ft and our 5ft diameter ball accommodates individuals over 5ft.

Q: Where is a good place for my event?

Most parks in Los Angeles County allow Airball and Bubble Soccer. There are some exceptions.
Here is a list of those parks. 

Q: What Bubble Soccer Equipment do AirballingLA provide?

We provide Airballs, a 3ft/6ft Soccer Balls, Normal Soccer Ball, Goals, a Trained Referee, Cones, and even polaroid photos of your event.

Q: Is Set-up/Break-down included in our time?

We set up and break down during our own time. We arrive an hour early to make sure we're prepared by the time of your event. We guarantee to start on time.  

Q: Are there additional games?

We host several other games: Gladiator, which resembles Capture-the-Flag, Last Man Standing, Free-for-all and Sumo Ring.


airball (Object):

An inflated Soccer ball either 3ft in diameter or 6ft in diameter.

Airball Soccer (Activity) :

Bubble Soccer with an Inflated Soccer Ball.

BubblE Soccer (Activity):

Combat Soccer