what is arrow tag also known as archery tag?


glad you asked. Arrow tag is a 5v5 team vs team game like paintballing but with bows and arrows. you'll get A BOW, foam tipped ARROWS, HELMET, Arm gaurd to tag other players or hit a target that's centered in the middle of the arena. 

here's a general description of how the game is played: 
grab a bow and arrow and stand to your respective side - you'll stand on the side with the shields that match the color of your arrows. the sound of a whistle will go off to signal the start of a game. you'll run around the many shields to duck and cover from incoming arrows, run towards the enemy to obtain a clear shot and tag them, and pick up arrows on the ground for extra ammo. you won't just get a great aerobic exercise, you'll have tons of fun.     

arrow tag will make you feel like a warrior because it'll make you move like a warrior. not a lot of things beat feeling like a warrior. the theme of this game is to reload your arrow as soon as possible, move like a ninja, dodge incoming arrows, and accurately aim and hit your targets just like the top notch warriors - navy seals. 


our GAMES: 

arrow tag - each team must tag team members of the opposing team. all it takes to get out is 1 hit from the opposing team, so move with stealth. teams could also knock out a target that revives all TAGGED players of that team. Team with the last PLAYER(S) standing wins. 

capture the flag- 1 member from each team with be a runner who's purpose is to run to the enemy's side of the field to capture your flag. once captured, the runner must run back and plan the flag at a designated spot located at their base. runners do not carry bows/and arrows and can move 1 ball around to use as a shield. other players with bows and arrows must protect the runner. runners and archers are out when they get tagged by an opponent.

free for all- 10 players, 9 bubble shields. arrows and bows are placed in the middle, all players start on one side of the field and run towards the middle to grab a bow and arrows then find a shield. as each player gets tagged, an additional bubble shield is taken out from the game. 

if you have any ideas for a game, we're always look to add new creative ideas.
reach us through our contact form.


Q: do we need archery experience beforehand?

no. at the start of the event, we'll provide proper training on form and posture and we'll have a few minutes of target practice to get you comfortable with using our bows. 

Q: DOes it hurt?

the foam tip of our arrows greatly decreases the amount of force from the impact of an arrow. from you may feel a slight sting after being hit, but it won't leave anything like a bruise. 

Q: What's the age requirement?

we require you and your family and friends to be at least 12 or taller than 5 feet. if you'll have participants that don't fit the requirements, then we suggest nerf war as that's suitable for all kids over 5 years old.

Q: WHAt's a good place for our event?

Anywhere with a lot of space is ideal for arrow tag. also the location of your event must allow the use of inflatables. here is a list of locations that do not allow inflatables 

q: will you go over rules and safety protocols? 

safety is our top priority. we'll go over rules/ what to do/ what not to do and how to safely handle our bows and arrows in order to prevent any injuries and provide maximum fun. 

q: what's the draw length of our bows and how far can they shoot arrows?

our arrows can cover 50+ feet in distance and draw weight is 15lb to 25lb