airball soccer

An Aired Soccer Ball sits quietly at the center of the battleground. Two teams separated by the color of their Airball look fearlessly at each other; that is, until a whistle sound goes off. The game begins with everyone running frantically towards each other until.. impact! Some fall, some stay standing, some roll around trying to get up, and the competitive ones are pushing the huge soccer ball to their goal to score a point. And, that's just when the soccer ball is on the ground.
When the ball goes up in the air, the gameplay switches to volleyball. Players jump up with their Airballs to hit the ball towards the sky. 
It's fun to watch, and even more fun to play. 


airball soccer uses inflatable soccer balls that are bigger than the conventional soccer balls. you'll often see our inflatable soccer balls go up in the air because of their bounciness attribute. 

Airball Soccer at Cheviot Hills Park in Culver City, Los Angeles

bubble soccer 

bubble soccer 

bubble Soccer 

Bubble Soccer, a classic game, is full contact soccer without the dangers of full contact sports such as football. Seriously, you have a huge bubble armor that covers all of your upper body including your head and protects your body when you get bumped. The Airball is designed to absorb the shock during impact and to swing your legs to the air after impact. The goal of this game? Simple. Obtain the soccer ball, bump everyone in your way, and guide the soccer ball to the goal. Try Bubble Soccer with us and we'll give you the fun experience of a full contact sport without the inherent dangers of a full contact sport. 


Q:Can anyone play airball and bubble soccer?

Anyone can play although we highly recommend kids who are 7+ and adults without a history of heart attacks.

Q: What do AirballingLA provide?

We provide Airballs, a 6ft Soccer Ball, a Normal Sized Soccer Ball, Goals, a Trained Referee, Water Bottles, and even a Polaroid Pictures of the Event.

Q:Are there different sized Airballs?

We have 2 sizes. Our 4ft diameter balls accommodates individuals under 5ft and our 5ft diameter ball accommodates individuals over 5ft.

q:IS Set-up/Break-down INCLUDED in our time?

We set up and breaks down during our own time. We arrive an hour early and make sure to set-up in time for your event.   

Q:Where IS A GOOD PLACE for my event?

Most parks in Los Angeles County allow Airball and Bubble Soccer. There are some exceptions, and here is a list of those parks. 

Q: Are there additional games?

We host several other games: Gladiator, which resembles capture-the-flag, Last Man Standing, Free-for-all and Sumo Ring.


airball (Noun):

A Bubble Armor that looks like an oversized hamster ball.

Airball soccer (Noun) :

A team game that requires players of a team to wear a bubble armor suit and guide a 6 feet soccer ball to their goal.

Airballing (verb): 

An Airball in action during Airball Soccer, Bubble Soccer, Gladiator Arrow tag, and nerf war. 

aired soccer ball (Noun):

An inflatable soccer ball 6 feet in diameter.