host of arrow tag, bubble soccer, and nerf war in los angeles. 

our mission:

Create laughter and fun.
Create new games.
Host stimulating events.
Benefit the community.
Give the best service. 

It all started when...

I hopped into an Airball, played Bubble Soccer and bounced around feeling invincible. Although I did get tackled, I laughed uncontrollably when it happened. It was a lot of fun, so much that I told myself that I would share this with others.
Shortly after,
AirballingLA happened. 

We are los angeles' host of creative, unique sports. 

We host monthly events to promote social mixers and exercise through our unique activities. 
We provide exclusive service for private events. 
And, we're always keeping our eyes out for the most unique sports and recreational ideas to provide it to you. 

tpyes of events that we host


Julians Party.JPG

Team building



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GIVING the best service by:

providing the best equipment.

we are committed to providing the best equipment for our arrow tag, bubble soccer, nerf war rental because the best equipments provide the highest of quality events. we are determined to provide the best events in los angeles. 

sending out energetic referees

Energetic referees can make or break an event because the energy of the referee impacts the livelihood of the games. We recruit individuals with a lot of energy and enthusiasm for sports and send these individuals out to provide our consumers with a stimulating event. 

going to events prepared

Preparation is the key to success and we hold dear to this proverb. We prepare ourselves for every event by ensuring that our referees are at their peak, checking our equipment to provide functional working equipment, and confirming the appropriateness of the location for Airball and Bubble Soccer to run a smooth event. 

Supplying our clients

Hydration is important, and it is even more important when you are dehydrated, which is a consequence of playing Airball and Bubble Soccer with maximum effort. To ensure hydration,  we supply free water bottles during the event to refuel our consumers to go back out and romp around. Before the event comes to an end, we'll gift you with a physical photo of your event. 

taking safety measures

Safety rules are always covered before an event because safety of our consumers is important. Referees will intervene and pause an event when they perceive danger to avoid injury at all costs.